In this episode I am joined by Bryn Woznicki (director) and Skye Emerson (screenwriter), the filmmaking duo behind Under The Influencer.

After making a $450K feature titled Her Side of The Bed, Bryn chose to embrace the world of ultra micro-budget filmmaking. Through a collaboration with Skye (a recipient of the Alfred P. Sloan Screenwriting Fellowship at the Sundance Film Festival), the team was able to secure $25,000 in funding through We Make Movies to go into production. Bryn and Skye share their journey at length throughout the interview, from the origins of the concept to how they navigated this challenging budget level.

Links from the show:

Bryn - Website

Bryn - Twitter

Bryn - Facebook

Skye - Website

Under The Influencer - Website

Jill Bennet - Instagram

Lauren Neal - Instagram

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