Joining me this week on the show is director Josh David Jordan, here to talk all about his debut feature film This World Won’t Break. This unique DIY feature was shot on and off over the course of a year, before securing 14 festival screenings and 13 awards, including best narrative feature at the Dallas International Film Festival.

Over the course of our chat, Josh walks us through the specific process that went into making this film a reality, and the unconventional production strategies that were utilized throughout. We talk at length about his development process, his ability to wear multiple hats on set, what it was like to work with his son as a co-editor, how he navigated the festival circuit, and tons more!

Links from the show:

This World Won't Break - Website

This World Won't Break - Instagram

Whiskey Beard Films - Instagram

Josh David Jordan On Vimeo

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I’m very excited to be joined once again on the show by writer/director Marcus Mizelle, whose upcoming feature film Chameleon is about to be released everywhere on VOD, Cable and DVD (May 19, 2020).

With a production budget of just $6800, Marcus was able to create an incredibly dynamic feature that breaks many of the rules of micro-budget filmmaking, while finding success at festivals and landing nationwide distribution. Throughout this episode, we walk through each step of the process and explore critical lessons learned along the way.

Links from the show:

Chameleon - Film Website

Chameleon Trailer

To celebrate the 100th episode of Show, Don’t Tell I held my first ever live Q & A session last week on YouTube. Today, I’m republishing it here for those who didn’t catch it live.

Throughout this discussion I took questions on the business aspects of filmmaking - addressing many of the most pressing issues for filmmakers looking to build long term career sustainability. Topics covered include: Getting your movie produced, building a personal brand, DIY distribution options in 2020, the importance of owning your audience and much more.

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My guests this week - David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg - have an amazing track record of success with their feature length documentaries. From their debut feature The Immortalists which premiered at SXSW to their follow up feature Bill Nye: Science Guy to their latest project We Are As Gods, their films have been making a massive impact for years.

Throughout our discussion, David and Jason speak to each one of these feature films in detail, outlining the specific steps they took to bring them to life. They also speak at length about why they've infused science into virtually all of their creative work, what it's like to collaborate remotely as co-directors, how they achieve amazing production value (often without any additional crew), and loads more!

Links from the show:

Structure Films Website

We Are As Gods Website

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MUBI has quickly become one of the most popular streaming services for filmmakers and cinephiles alike, thanks to its incredibly unique collection of independent and arthouse films. Joining me this week to discuss the platform at length is Daniel Kasman, MUBI's Vice President of Content.

Based out of MUBI’s New York office and one of the first to join the company over 12 years ago, Daniel spearheads MUBI’s global content acquisitions and programming. He also supports the U.S. team in developing partnerships with organizations such as Film at Lincoln Center, New York Film Festival, International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, and the Human Rights Watch Film Festival, among others.

Throughout our discussion Daniel outlines the philosophy behind MUBI, how filmmakers can utilize the platform as an educational tool, the intricacies of their curation process and much more.

Links from the show:

MUBI's Website

MUBI's "Notebook" Magazine

This week, I am joined by the filmmakers behind the 2020 SXSW Grand Jury winning documentary An Elephant In The Room. This incredible feature length doc was directed by Katrine Philp and DP'd by her husband Adam Philp, both of whom were able to take part in the discussion.

Throughout our chat, Katrine and Adam share invaluable insight into the making of their award winning film - from fundraising to execution to post-production and beyond. Topics covered include: Developing the project, working as a two-person team, technical/gear setup, the editorial process, winning the coveted award at SXSW and so much more.

Links from the show:

An Elephant In The Room - Website

Adam's portfolio

This week I’m continuing my SXSW coverage with Lynn Chen, whose debut feature film I Will Make You Mine was set to premiere at the festival this year. 

Over the course of the interview, we take a deep dive into the process of making this film from front to back - outlining each step Lynn took to bring her vision to life and ultimately land a coveted premiere at South By South West. We talk all about her crowdfunding success, unconventional screenwriting process, creative approach on set, editorial timeline, festival strategy and so much more.

Links from the show:

I Will Make You Mine Website

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I’m kicking off my SXSW interview series with Kevin Ford - a prolific documentary and narrative filmmaker whose latest feature film The Pushback was programmed at SXSW 2020.

Kevin’s list of credits is incredibly impressive. His films have screened at major film festivals like Tribeca, Slamdance, Berlin, SXSW and even at the Nobel Peace Awards Ceremony in 2017. What’s even more impressive, is that Kevin has achieved all this success by bootstrapping his projects, and crafting them in a truly DIY fashion. Over the course of this interview we talk all about his latest film, previous works, his tactical approach to making movies, and much more.

Links from the show:

Kevin's Website

The Pushback Film

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In practically no time, the coronavirus has forced the world to nearly grind to a halt, and filmmakers of all types are being affected in countless ways. Whether you work as a freelancer, an employee or you own a production company, this crisis is surely already taking a toll.

But despite productions shutting down left and right among other turmoil, many new opportunities are arising that we could all benefit from. Throughout the episode I expand on these potential growth areas, using new changes in my own business model as a template for navigating this new terrain.

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Micro-Budget Weekly Newsletter

"I Need A Corporate Producer" Facebook Group

This week, DP Evin Grant joins me on the show to discuss his cinema camera shootout - a comparison of 9 of the most prominent full frame digital cinema cameras on the market:

  1. Arri Alexa Mini LF
  2. Canon Eos C500mII
  3. Red Monstro
  4. Sigma FP
  5. Sony FX9 (S-Cinetone)
  6. Sony FX9 (S-Log3)
  7. Sony Venice
  8. Red Gemini
  9. Red Helium

Over the course of our discussion, Evin details his findings at length, touching on everything from autofocus capabilities to dynamic range, color science to compression, and everything in between. This is a must listen for any full frame shooter looking to deepen their understanding of the current market.

Links from the show:

The Full Frame Cine Shootout On Vimeo

Evin's Website

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