Joining me this week is fellow LA based filmmaker Marcus Mizelle, a true DIY auteur in his own right and the brains behind The Micro Film Tournament: "A 16 film, 4 round tournament dedicated to micro-budget filmmakers who’ve made the most with the least."

Throughout the course of the episode, we discuss Marcus' unique career path, the benefits of working within the constraints of a micro-budget, film festival experiences, and of course his brand new tournament - which is currently open for submissions. Enjoy!

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Marcus' Website

Marcus on Instagram

Chameleon Film Website

Actor For Hire Film Website

The Micro Film Tournament

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Many commercial directors want to make the leap to directing features films, but don’t know where to start. Our guest this week - Cody Stokes - successfully made that transition after raising just under $500K for his debut feature The Ghost Who Walks.

Using the film as a case study, Cody walks us through every step in his process from building out the concept to fundraising to post-production and beyond. Cody’s story shows us that you don’t need industry connections or easy access to financing in order to make your movie a reality.

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Cody's Website

The Ghost Who Walks

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Every filmmaker dreams of submitting their indie film to Sundance, winning the festival and landing a major directing gig. Our guest this week - Carter Smith - didn’t just dream of doing it, he pulled it off.

After his short film Bugcrush (2006) won the Sundance film festival, he was given the opportunity to pitch on a major Hollywood feature called The Ruins. After getting the seal of approval from Steven Spielberg himself, Carter’s debut feature film was underway. Since then, he’s returned to his indie roots with the 2014 feature Jamie Marks is Dead, and most recently a Hulu/Blumhouse picture called Midnight Kiss (2019).

Throughout the episode, we discuss Carter’s unique career trajectory, his experience in the studio system, why he’s revisiting independent productions, and so much more.

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Carter On Instagram

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Smartphones have truly become a viable camera option for filmmakers on a budget. They provide more freedom, flexibility and anonymity than any traditional cinema camera, which gives them some major advantages… But in order to reap the rewards, you need to be able to work around some substantial technological limitations. 

Joining me this week to discuss all of this and more is filmmaker, colorist, and mobile cinematography expert Richard Lackey. We get in depth about the benefits and drawbacks of shooting on a phone, maximizing image quality by understanding your technical constraints, the future of iPhone filmmaking and so much more. This is a great introduction for anyone even considering using their phone for professional use.

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Richard on YouTube

Richard on Twitter

Richard on Instagram

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This week on the show, filmmaker Shaun Colón takes us on a deep dive into the world of documentary filmmaking. 

We chat at length about his debut documentary feature: A Fat Wreck - a 3 year long DIY project that found incredible success with film festivals and fans alike, even generating interest from the Sundance Institute. Building off of this success, Shaun moved into production on his second documentary feature (Age Of Audio), which features interviews with Kevin Smith, Ira Glass and other monumental voices in the podcasting space. 

Over the course of our discussion, Shaun outlines his process for financing, producing, and releasing his documentaries using his own DIY tactics, and shares a roadmap for how others can do the same.

Links from the show:

A Fat Wreck - Website

A Fat Wreck - Facebook

A Fat Wreck - Twitter

A Fat Wreck - Instagram

A Fat Wreck - Sundance Institute Article

Age Of Audio - Website

Age Of Audio - Instagram

Age Of Audio - Twitter

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Returning to the show this week is Alex Ferrari of the Indie Film Hustle podcast. Alex has been educating filmmakers for years through a multitude of platforms, and has just written a new book that truly takes things to the next level: Rise of the Filmtrepreneur.

The film industry has gone through a massive change over the past few years and most filmmakers are not prepared to make a living with their work in this new ecosystem. Alex's new book brilliantly outlines an approach and system that can serve as an antidote to this issue, arming filmmakers with the tactics needed to build a profitable career. We discuss all this and much more in today's episode.

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This week, my guest is Brad Raider - a fellow LA based filmmaker who made his debut feature Kensho at the Bedfellow on a budget of $250,000.

Over the course of our chat, Brad speaks at length about his fundraising process which uniquely leveraged his meditation community to bring his vision to life. We also talk about his challenging production process that spanned 30 locations and 29 shooting days. Other topics covered include: The importance of creating space for your creativity, distribution options for micro-budget features and much more.

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This week, I’m joined by Alrik Bursell - co-host of the very popular Making Movies Is Hard Podcast. Alrik is currently in the midst of fundraising for his upcoming feature film - The Alternate - an ambitious sci-fi film he’s been developing for 5 years.

Over the course of our interview, Alrik and I talk about the fundraising process at length. Topics covered include: Securing initial seed money, approaching investors, attending film markets, crowdfunding and much more. This is a must listen for anyone looking to raise money for their movie.

Links from the show -

Seed & Spark Campaign

The Alternate On Facebook

The Alternate On Instagram

The Alternate On Twitter

Making Movies Is Hard Podcast

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Most indie filmmakers are guilty of overlooking the importance of sound, but my guest this week - Woody Woodhall - is here to change that. Woody is an acclaimed post-audio engineer, owner of LAPPG and Allied Post, and has played an instrumental role in hundreds of television and film projects.

Over the course of our discussion, Woody outlines the most pressing sound-related issues known to plague independent filmmakers, and shares insight on how to avoid them entirely. We also touch on a whole host of other topics including: career advice, tips for on set audio production, workflow considerations, and much more.

Links from the show:

Allied Post


Woody's book on Amazon



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This week my guest is Zach Lipovsky, the co-director of the theatrically released feature film Freaks, which stars Emile Hirsch and Bruce Dern. Zach and his partner Adam were able to successfully raise financing for their script, attach A-list actors, land a premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, and sell their movie for $2,000,000.

Over the course of this episode, we walk through the A to Z of this process - from the beginning stages of raising private equity to production, film festivals, and theatrical distribution. Zach shares an incredible amount of tactical advice on the business side of things, which can surely serve as a blueprint for other filmmakers with big screen aspirations. 

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