Today I am very excited to share my interview with Stephanie Pearson, who is not only the star of my feature film Psychosynthesis, but an incredibly talented producer in her own right. Stephanie has spent years on both sides of the camera, and joins us today to share her words of wisdom on all things filmmaking.


Using our recent feature film collaboration as a launching off point, we discuss the unique dynamics of an indie film set, what the challenges are from an actor's perspective, the importance of clear directorial communication, and so much more. We also talk about the state of the industry right now, why it's crucial to produce your own material, and best practices for taking control over your destiny as an artist.


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Psychosynthesis on Amazon Prime

Recovery on Amazon Prime

Downrange on Amazon Prime

Stephanie on Instagram

Stephanie on Twitter


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On this episode I am joined by writer/director Rick Caplan who recently completed and released his feature film Mr. Misfortune. This micro-budget production was shot for under $10,000 in just 10 shooting days, and was brought to life in a truly unique way.


As Rick outlines over the course of our chat, he had to wear a lot of hats on this production to make it a reality. Not only did he write and direct the project, but also shot the film and handled all the post-production himself - including music composition and color correction. Throughout the discussion, we get into the nitty gritty on each of these steps, critical lessons learned along the way and much more!


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Mr. Misfortune on Amazon

Rick Caplan on Twitter


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Joining me this week on the show is filmmaker turned author Josh Folan. Over the course of his career, Josh has not only produced 3 micro-budget features (each of which have a budget under $250K), but most recently wrote a book about his endeavors called: Still Filmmaking The Hard Way.


Over the course of our discussion, Josh outlines how any filmmaker can make their passion project a reality, without any upfront financial backing from traditional production companies or studios. He also shares a ton of practical advice about sales and distribution, providing invaluable lessons for filmmakers seeking to go down a similar path.


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To celebrate the release of my feature film PSYCHOSYNTHESIS on Amazon Prime, today I am sharing a behind the scenes look at our entire process on this micro-budget indie. The film itself was made for only $25,000 in just 9 shooting days, which resulted in a highly unconventional workflow both on set and in the editing room.

Throughout the episode I outline every practical step that we took to bring this film to life - starting in the very early days of concept development, all the way through to casting, prep, production, and of course post-production, distribution and beyond. While I have shared some anecdotes about the film on my blog at - I get into much more depth on each phase of the process here on today's episode, providing a blueprint for other filmmakers looking to bootstrap a feature film of their own.

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This week, I'm honored to be joined by my guests Richard and Colleen Halsey - a prolific husband and wife editing duo who are collectively responsible for editing countless iconic feature films over the years. Their credits include movies like Edward Scissorhands, Beaches, So I Married An Axe Murderer, Sister Act and Rocky - the latter of which Richard won an Oscar for.

Throughout our discussion we chat about each of these films in some detail, outlining the unique creative process behind them. Richard and Colleen also generously share their perspective on how the industry has changed from both a business and creative standpoint, how aspiring editors can break into Hollywood, and loads more.

Links from the show -

Richard Halsey On IMDB           

Colleen Halsey On IMDB                            

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This week on the show, I'm excited to be joined by Tessa Markle and Carolina Alvarez - known for their awesome podcast: Femme Regard. I was fortunate enough to be a guest on their show last year and had a blast, and this time around they're joining me on Show, Don't Tell to discuss all things indie film.

I really wanted to hear about Tessa and Carolina's experience building an online brand. This is a path that is becoming increasingly critical for filmmakers to explore in order to have autonomy over their work and careers. Over the course of our discussion we talk about this topic at length, outlining how every filmmaker can leverage original content as a means to grow their brand.

Links from the show:

Femme Regard Productions

Femme Regard On Instagram

Femme Regard On Twitter

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Returning to the show this week is Joshua Caldwell, here to talk all about his latest feature film INFAMOUS, which stars Bella Thorne and Jake Manley. The story follows a reckless woman and her new boyfriend as they become social media sensations when she streams their cross-country robberies online.

Throughout our interview, Joshua outlines the A to Z of his journey with this feature, contrasting it to some of his earlier micro-budget productions. We talk all about the casting process, production, post, and distribution at length, gaining insight on how Joshua made the transition from his smaller scale DIY projects to this much larger, more traditionally produced narrative feature.

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Joining me this week on the show is director Josh David Jordan, here to talk all about his debut feature film This World Won’t Break. This unique DIY feature was shot on and off over the course of a year, before securing 14 festival screenings and 13 awards, including best narrative feature at the Dallas International Film Festival.

Over the course of our chat, Josh walks us through the specific process that went into making this film a reality, and the unconventional production strategies that were utilized throughout. We talk at length about his development process, his ability to wear multiple hats on set, what it was like to work with his son as a co-editor, how he navigated the festival circuit, and tons more!

Links from the show:

This World Won't Break - Website

This World Won't Break - Instagram

Whiskey Beard Films - Instagram

Josh David Jordan On Vimeo

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I’m very excited to be joined once again on the show by writer/director Marcus Mizelle, whose upcoming feature film Chameleon is about to be released everywhere on VOD, Cable and DVD (May 19, 2020).

With a production budget of just $6800, Marcus was able to create an incredibly dynamic feature that breaks many of the rules of micro-budget filmmaking, while finding success at festivals and landing nationwide distribution. Throughout this episode, we walk through each step of the process and explore critical lessons learned along the way.

Links from the show:

Chameleon - Film Website

Chameleon Trailer

To celebrate the 100th episode of Show, Don’t Tell I held my first ever live Q & A session last week on YouTube. Today, I’m republishing it here for those who didn’t catch it live.

Throughout this discussion I took questions on the business aspects of filmmaking - addressing many of the most pressing issues for filmmakers looking to build long term career sustainability. Topics covered include: Getting your movie produced, building a personal brand, DIY distribution options in 2020, the importance of owning your audience and much more.

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