April 9, 2020

Winning The Grand Jury At SXSW With Documentary Filmmakers Katrine & Adam Philp

This week, I am joined by the filmmakers behind the 2020 SXSW Grand Jury winning documentary An Elephant In The Room. This incredible feature length doc was directed by Katrine Philp and DP'd by her husband Adam Philp, both of whom were able to take part in the discussion.

Throughout our chat, Katrine and Adam share invaluable insight into the making of their award winning film - from fundraising to execution to post-production and beyond. Topics covered include: Developing the project, working as a two-person team, technical/gear setup, the editorial process, winning the coveted award at SXSW and so much more.

Links from the show:

An Elephant In The Room - Website

Adam's portfolio

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