Countless filmmakers have leveraged the power of Vimeo to showcase their work, refine their craft, and ultimately build an audience for themselves. Some have had so much success on Vimeo that they have even drawn the attention of Hollywood producers who later afforded them the opportunity to direct, write, DP, or otherwise contribue to full blown feature film projects.

On this episode, Noam chats with Derick Rhodes, the Director of Creator Programs & Events at Vimeo. As a filmmaker himself and a former producer for Shutterstock, Derick is truly a wealth of knowledge, and over the course of this interview he shares some invaluable insight for filmmakers looking to maximize their presence on Vimeo and truly make a dent with their work. From explaining the power of Vimeo Channels to detailing how Vimeo Staff Picks are made, Derick dives deep into the inner workings of Vimeo, and shares insight that virtually any filmmaker can can learn something from. He also elaborates on Vimeo's education tools - such as Vimeo Video School - and sheds light on what's in store for Vimeo in the future.

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