Succeeding in film takes far more than a basic understanding of the craft. While technical skills are undeniably important for any filmmaker to master, they alone will not equate to any type of artistic or commercial success. The degree to which any filmmaker succeeds has far more to do with their psychology and tenacity than it does their skill...

For instance - Many of us understand the importance of goal setting and strategizing for our film careers, but few of us are able to actually follow through and deliver. This is usually a result of poor motivation, or self-limiting beliefs, which result in a lack of true effort and persistence when the going gets tough. I would argue that these issues - not skill - are responsible for the thousands of film ideas every year that never get off the ground.

In this episode, I address this issue head on, discussing specific methods for setting and achieving your filmmaking goals, and using the concept of "obsession" to stay motivated even under the most difficult circumstances. The principles outlined are not only applicable to filmmaking, but also to business, creative entrepreneurship, and even achieving personal aspirations.

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