It goes without saying that a great screenplay is the backbone of any successful film, but this sentiment is doubly true of micro-budget productions. Without spectacles, name actors, expensive visual effects, or other bells and whistles, micro-budget films are often made or broken by the quality of their underlying screenplays. With that in mind, today’s guest - Craig Walendziak - is here to share his wealth of knowledge on all things screenwriting.


Craig is a punk rocker turned screenwriter by way of Harvard University, and not only has a fascinating story himself, but also possesses a unique understanding of both the art and business of writing movies. Over the course of this hour long interview, Craig goes into detail on the writing process - outlining he generates ideas, works out treatments, and works on 3 month schedules to get his screenplays to the finish line. He also speaks to some of the major issues that many screenplays (including micro-budget scripts) suffer from, and offers solutions for remedying them. And finally, Craig also touches on the realities of working in the business, getting an agent, and succeeding as a full time writer. This epsiode is required listening for all filmmakers!


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