For this week's interview, Jason Brubaker of Distribber joins me to share his wealth of knowledge on all things marketing & distribution. Distribber is one of the largest and most prominent aggregators for independent films out there, giving filmmakers without traditional distribution deals the ability to sell their content globally, through iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, and countless other platforms.

During the interview, Jason outlines exactly what it takes to turn a profit with an indepdent film while working with an aggregator like Distribber. Using case studies and real world examples, Jason outlines a bulletproof method for setting sales targets for any indie film, and reaching those targets through purposeful marketing. Topics covered include: the importance of using a "windowed" release strategy, the differences between popular TVOD, SVOD, & AVOD platforms, how to use grassroots marketing to drive your film up the charts, what Netflix is looking for when licensing independent content, and much more.

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