Productivity expert Tim Ferris often talks about the 80/20 principle, which states that 80% of our results can be attributed to just 20% of our efforts. While this principle can be applied to virtually anything - from business decisions to our personal lives - it has some uniquely poweful benefits for filmmakers that are looking to optimize their creative output and increase their income.

Many filmmakers feel that they don't have enough time to get their projects off the ground, or that they aren't seeing the career results they would expect given the amount of effort they put into their work... That's where the 80/20 principle comes in. It's all about identifying the ways in which we can trim the fat to ensure we aren't wasting our time on the wrong things, and that we are doubling down on our efforts that objectively give us the best return on our investment of time.

In this episode Noam pulls from his own personal experience, discussing how the 80/20 principle can apply to so many facets of filmmaking - from running your own production business, to optimizing results while writing, producing, or editing, and much more.

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