May 28, 2020

How Director Josh David Jordan Found Breakthrough Success With His $36K Indie Feature

Joining me this week on the show is director Josh David Jordan, here to talk all about his debut feature film This World Won’t Break. This unique DIY feature was shot on and off over the course of a year, before securing 14 festival screenings and 13 awards, including best narrative feature at the Dallas International Film Festival.

Over the course of our chat, Josh walks us through the specific process that went into making this film a reality, and the unconventional production strategies that were utilized throughout. We talk at length about his development process, his ability to wear multiple hats on set, what it was like to work with his son as a co-editor, how he navigated the festival circuit, and tons more!

Links from the show:

This World Won't Break - Website

This World Won't Break - Instagram

Whiskey Beard Films - Instagram

Josh David Jordan On Vimeo

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