No camera manufacturer has been more innovative or disruptive in recent years as Blackmagic Design. Since 2013 they have been challenging the status quo, putting out cameras like their original 2.5K Cinema Camera, the Pocket Camera, and most recently their URSA Mini Pro G2 - Each of which have given low-budget filmmakers the ability to achieve high production value like never before.

Here with me this week to discuss all things Blackmagic is Dan May, President of Blackmagic Design. While I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with Dan a couple times in the past about specific product releases, this time I wanted to turn the conversation to Blackmagic’s philosophy. Over the course of our conversation, Dan generously shares some Blackmagic history with us, touching on everything from the evolution of their camera lineup to the acquisition of DaVinci Resolve, what drives their innovation and so much more.

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