There is perhaps no greater asset for any filmmaker to possess than a mastery of the craft of screenwriting. And joining me today to discuss all things screenwriting, is none other than Bryan Hill - An incredibly accomplished & superbly talented writer who has worked not only in Film & Television, but in the world of comic books as well.

Some highlights of Bryan's TV & Film career include: ASH vs. THE EVIL DEAD and TITANS, as well as comics like BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS, MICHAEL CRAY and AMERICAN CARNAGE. Currently, Bryan is developing a micro-budget feature of his own, which naturally made him a perfect guest for the show. Over the course of our discussion, Bryan details his early days in the business, how he honed his skills as a writer, what his process looks like now, why he chose to make the leap into independent content creation, and so much more. This is a must listen for any filmmaker out there looking to sharpen their writing abilities and tell better stories.

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