In recent years production value in micro-budget films has skyrocketed thanks to more affordable cinema cameras and post-production tools. Even still, one of the remaining issues that still plagues indie filmmakers with regards to production value is the musical score. For many micro-budget filmmakers getting a custom score done is prohibitively expensive, and the vast majority of affordable library music is simply not feature film caliber...

That's where Matthew Lyall and his music platform Ritual Music come in. As both a musician himself and the co-founder of an innovative and high quality music platform for indie filmmakers, Matt has a truly unique perspective on the scoring process. During the course of his interview, he unpacks some of the challenges the micro-budget filmmakers face while building out a score for their work, and outlines his recommended path for achieving the best possible final product, regardless of budget. Topics discussed include: Common mistakes directors make during the scoring process, avoiding low production value music, what to look for technically and artistically when working with a composer or a sound library, the importance of music as it relates to theme, and lots more.

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